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It’s More About The Cake Than Frosting

  • 2 March 2010

More Then Frosting

Which cake would you want to bite into?

Take a look at these two cakes. One looks delicious and very enticing. The other cake sits in an ugly pot, it has no frosting, and it does not appear to be tasty.  However, the ugly cake is actually moist and the most delicious.

People are similar to these cakes.

Some of us spend a lot of time and money on making ourselves look good, smell good, and feel good. Even with all the toys and extras that embellish our lives, even when we’ve been endowed with the right attributes to be appealing to others, we may still be internally undesirable and bland.

As we discovered with cakes, our external appearance may be attractive sexually but we lack important attributes that make us pleasing on the inside. The frosting and trimmings may look luscious but there is nothing more to our character than too much sugar.

We need to be the type of person that people want to be around because we make them feel better. People need to know that they can trust us with their inner fears and the precious desires of their hearts. We can be the soft place to fall when someone hurts or their our spirit aches from the hardships of life.

Unfortunately, society teaches us that we need to be the beautiful cake in order to be acceptable to others.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  For example, my friend was no’t good looking, perhaps even ugly, but he always had tons of girls around him.  He was fun to be around and was good to his dates. I loved dancing with him friends when specific songs came on because he was so much fun to dance with.  He was my buddy.

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