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Beauty Only Skin Deep

  • 23 March 2010

As a teen, I came in 8th place out of 25,000 in the Miss Teenage San Francisco Pageant. Also, I was a Wendy Ward Girl and modeled clothing for Montgomery Wards, and a Model for Mc Calls (where I modeled with Sally Fields in San Francisco when she was 17 years old). In addition, I was a Pacesetter and wore new trends of clothing to school at my High School – for example, the hip-hugger skirt and pants. In other words, I was pleasing to the eye as a teenager.

As the years passed and I grew older, I still had a degree of natural beauty but felt ugly because of my weight. I could not understand why men would still look at me and flirt when I was so overweight. I wore a size 18 then and that seemed fat to me; it’s too bad that I can’t fit into size 18 now. Illness, car accidents, injuries, child bearing, and age all have had a toll on me, so I felt even uglier.

At sixty-one years old, I still get a lot of invites from men on social sites. They are always telling me how beautiful I am and how my blue eyes and smile make them happy.  I used to think all of it was just flattery so that I would accept them as a friend; I am sure that is probably true in most cases. However, even when I try to tell them I am heavy and have gray hair now, they won’t recant their admiration. I thought that was strange of them because I am not sexy at all.

Why were men (young and old) still aggressively flirting with me? I didn’t get it until I began to understand the message of frosting on a cake. I realize now that I am very different than most women today, and so men are drawn to me because they see that I am different.

Then my brother (who was single at the time) complained about women today. He said they are shallow, few of them have moral standards, and many of them act like female dogs in heat. As we talked more, the concept for this site and book  (“More Than Frosting©”) was born. It seems obvious that this type of book and site have a place today. (Note: the book “More Than Frosting©” is still being written and should be released before Christmas.)

I worked in a glass manufacturing plant in the nineteen seventies, and noticed the beautiful women who worked there. I also noticed they wore nice clothing and shoes, had perfect nails and hair, and their makeup and cologne were expensive. This observation caused me to consider how much money they must spend on themselves and how much they have left to spend on their families?  No wonder they have to continue working, I thought. They need to keep up with their expensive lifestyle.

Am I being condescending and judgmental about my appraisal of these beautiful women? Perhaps so, and perhaps not; it is not for us to decide. The point is that we may be beautiful on the outside and yet, what is on the inside may be anything but beautiful.

Some beautiful people are just plain beautiful inside and out, and just plain sweet. I am not talking about these type of people, we all know who they are and we like being around these people. What I am talking about are those who appear to be all frosting with not much inside to make them lovely throughout.

I hope this is the type of person that I am now; I believe that I am.  However, one thing I do know is that, in many ways, I am very different from most women. I also know that I am different because I make an effort to be different. I want to be a good person, and to be one with whom my Father In Heaven will be pleased. I would hope this will be your goal as well.

I welcome your comments on this subject.



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