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Most Beautiful Things About Women

  • 16 May 2010

To summarize, it is amazing how women are so wonderfully giving and loving. Their love is unconditional and forever. And once they forgive, they really forget.

A Woman is wonderful:  she is giving; she is gentile; she smiles with her heart and speaks with her eyes; she blushes when she wants you; she never passes judgment; she is loving, with unconditional love; she is forgiving, sensual, and nurturing; she is understanding; she is intoxicating.

In contrast, we often see women portrayed as sexy, voluptuous, attractive with sexy bodies, sexually inviting, good lays, and not very intelligent. This is actually demeaning to womanhood and to their creation. Women used to be put on a pedestal and admired for her special qualities, which are now thought of as old-fashioned.

Qualities for which women were admired in the past  include their intuitive and spiritual abilities, their purity and wholesomeness, their natural ability to be a good cook, a good homemaker and caring wife. She was also recognized for her frugality: she knew how to cook good meals out of almost nothing; she could sew new outfits and mend socks;  she knew how to knit and crochet, tat lace, and embroider pillowcases and towels.  These qualities are rarely admired in women today; in fact, these qualities are all but lost in the modern woman. Now she is a career woman and competes with men for recognition.

I would like to see women return to the values for which men used to put her on a pedestal. These women provided value to society other than the sex that they are known for today. As a result, women have been devalued and sexuality is all they are good for now. This is sad, and so our youth are deprived of their womanhood because their mothers no longer teach these characteristics in the home. Men are partially to blame for this situation.

Men have forsaken women who posses these values and characteristics, and replaced them with the sexual pervasive. Thus, out of necessity, women have had to enter the work force in order to care for themselves and their families. They must become a wage-earner plus the mom, an uncomfortable place to be for most women. She can’t be the woman she wants to be because she has not the energy or the time to be a homemaker, a wage-earner, and all the other hats she is forced to wear. Children grow up seeing a different role model than older women had as a child. Sadly, women lose the skills and characteristics of past generations and men begin remodeling today’s woman.

How many young women today know how to keep a clean house, cook good and nutritious meals, or sew, knit, crochet, and tat lace? How many men look for women with these characteristics? How many men really look for sex appeal in a women instead of her values?

I think I’ve made my point. Perhaps you can help me change this situation. Older women can adopt a young women and teach her what she is missing in society today. Teach her to preserve and can foods. Teach her to sew and mend her own clothes, and how to crochet and knit her own sweaters, scarfes, and ponchos. Teach her the tricks of the trade in being a good housewife and mother. Can you do that for our young women today?

Young women, would you please find someone to adopt as your grandma and ask her to teach you these things? And would you commit to living a more wholesome lifestyle that cause men to put you on a pedestal as being different than most women they know…and makes you special? Will you pass along what you learn to other young women and be an example to them? Thank you dear, I appreciate your efforts.


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