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Social Friendships

  • 28 September 2010

I belonged to several social sites and gathered many friends, who have blessed my life.

Each friendship provides value in one way or another and affects me a different ways. Some friends are the kind you know you can turn to, even if they are only virutal, and those you know will support you when you need them.

Others are friends in name only and never interact with me. You know about those types of friends don’t you? One time I remembered one of my friend’s birthday who never interacts with me, and then all of a sudden he started to communicate with me on a regular basis.

I had another friend who was very distant and accepted my friendship but never responded to any of my comments or communications. When I found the right button he opened right up and started checking back to me also.

I am sure you know what I mean because you have experienced the same thing on soda head. You know who you friends are don’t you, and you know who say they are friends but flee the minute you need them? Those friends you keep in a different circle of trust.

Some friends are only “Fair Weather” friends and others are the kind who are there through thick and thin, through rain or shine, and through stormy or peaceful times. Fair weather friends add their own degree of blessings for sure, but the ones who are dear to us are the ones who are there for thick and thin and stormy whether.

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