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Special To Me

This is true. Everyone is special and most are special to me.

I want you to believe that you have the power within you to be the type of person you were created to be.

You are a creation of God, the master of the universe. You are His off-spring and possess some of His characteristics.

This means you are an awesome creation!

Do you believe that you are a special person or that you have the ability to become whomever you choose to be?

Why do you feel that way?

What is keeping you from taking a chance on yourself?

Do something different than you have been and change your stars (your destiny) to become the measure of your creation!

I did it! I stepped out into the unknown when my family told me that I couldn’t become an author that any one would listen to.

They said I wasn’t smart enough and that I had no credentials. If I had listened to them, my life would be completely different today.

You just don’t know what you can do until you step out into the darkness and let God shine a light on your footsteps. As you begin to do it, the way will become clear.

I’m telling you now that you have it in you to

  • Take a chance and do what is in your heart!
  • Do what you dream of
  • Become who you think you can become.
  • Don’t let people keep you in a box; free yourself!

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